Mixed 1/2 Case (pick 6) Bread, Potato, Soup Dumplings – INCLUDES SHIPPING

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1/2 Case of BREAD Dumplings (6 Boxes) - INCLUDES SHIPPING

1/2 case of POTATO Dumplings (6 boxes) - INCLUDES SHIPPING

1/2 Case (5 bags) of Soup Dumplings - INCLUDES SHIPPING

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Select our 1/2 case and mix/match to configure your case however you’d like.



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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 10 in

5 reviews for Mixed 1/2 Case (pick 6) Bread, Potato, Soup Dumplings – INCLUDES SHIPPING

  1. Marilyn Robinson

    I was born and raised in the Cicero area. My grandparents came from Bohemia. I now live in Delaware, and I miss the Bohemian dumplings and food my mother used to make. Someone on Facebook mentioned getting dumplings from you, they don’t sell anything like that in Delaware. I love your dumplings.

  2. Edward McMurray

    My family has been using your dumplings ever since I can remember AND I am old enough to reminisce back to when you produced the liver dumplings! (I miss those). We love your dumplings. Hopefully you will be around for another 95 years.

  3. Helen Zenner

    I wish you would get your products in Publix or Kroger stores in Thompsons Station Tennessee, it would be awesome a lot of my friends would be happy.

  4. Bob Smetana

    I grew up in Berwyn and have been eating your dumplings for over 70 years. They are as good now as they were back then.

  5. Loretta Topol

    Thanks so much for your wonderful products! I’m going to send 1/2 case bread dumplings to family for Cmas and my sister wants to also try a package of the soup dumplings. You’ve made it to a lot of states, just not Georgia yet.

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