Chateau Liver Dumplings

Where Are Our Liver Dumplings?!

One of the main questions we get asked at Chateau Dumplings is why we do not make our liver dumplings anymore. So we thought it easier to share it here in this article so that we can reference it when we are asked then continue to post about it on Facebook. The answer to this question is simple.

We have been in business making our grandparents dumplings for close to 100 years. When our family came over from Czechoslovakia and opened up the butcher shop where we are still located today, they could have never imagined that our little family dumpling business would grow into the empire it is today.

They never imagined that our simple recipe for potato, bread and liver dumplings would become such a culinary sensation. While liver was a very common protein to eat weekly during the better part of the last century, especially by the heavily immigrant populated Southside of Chicago, the love of liver declined as time went on. That being said, the love for our delicious bread and potato dumplings did not decline. As Chateau catapulted into the frozen food era our bread and potato dumpling sales skyrocketed.

Wanting to keep in the same tradition as our ancestors we continued and still continue to make the bread and potato dumplings by hand, in the same facility. Which required us to take up more space in the kitchen area in the back. As we all know, the government regulates the food manufacturing industry very strictly for all of our safety, and the space we needed to be able to be USDA certified, is not available in the current space we still occupy at 6137 W. Cermak today after having grown the bread and potato dumpling production. Because the love for liver was waning and the love of potato and bread dumplings was increasing, we chose to stay put and continue with making just the bread and potato dumplings for the time being in our little cozy kitchen.

We know now that the desire for those little meaty morsels of liver goodness has resurrected and we are working very hard to bring those bites of heaven back into the market. We are exploring ways to make them ourselves, or partner with another local butcher to make our secret family recipe. We have also been exploring ideas to create a box mix that you would add to your own protein whether it be liver or another more favorable meat.  We still continue to make our liver dumplings by hand for our family and friends. We usually do this once a year on a school holiday and the whole family gets involved to make dozens and dozens of our beloved liver dumplings. This way we know we haven’t lost our liver dumpling touch.


It is our goal to try to make this happen by the Holiday season of 2022. Please follow us on social media either on Instagram or on Facebook so that we can keep you updated about this exciting possibility!